Research has proven that family involvement in children’s schooling can lead to improved academic performance, self-esteem, and cognitive development.
Become a part of your child’s time at Early Excellence by reading our tips on keeping your family connected from The DLM Early Childhood Express:
School Days
  • Talk with your child about your school days, sharing memories about special teachers, friends, and events.
  • Encourage your child to show you around his or her school.
  • Ask your child each day what he or she did at school.
En la escuela
  • Hable con su hijo(a) sobre cuando usted asistía a la escuela.
  • Aliente a su hijo(a) a que le muestre el plantel de la escuela.
  • Pregunte a su hijo(a) después de clases qué fue lo que hizo en la escuela.
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